Health Officer
Dr. Roberto Odorizzi
Department of Gynecology
Dr. Paolo Beretta, MD
Prof. Antonella Cromi
Department of Neonatology
Dr. Massimo Agosti, MD
Department of Andrology
Dr. Fabrizio Castiglioni
Security and 626 Supervisor
Arch. Luca Bertagnon
Mrs. Laura Fontana
PMA Supervisor
Dr. Marco Buttarelli
PMA Lab Supervisor
Dr. Patrizia Sagone
SMeL Supervisor
Dr. Federico Maggi
Cryobank Director
Dr. Massimiliano Manganini
Lab Biologist
Dott.ssa Mariaelena Colombo
R&D Manager
Dr. Giampaolo Leoni, PhD
Chairman, Biocell Center S.p.a.
Dr. Fabio Frattini
CEO, Biocell Lugano
Dr. Francesco Fabiani
Chairman, Biocell Center Corporation
Ing. Marco G. Reguzzoni

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